Welcome back to HARDCORE MODE.

This is a home-brew retaining the best elements of Dungeons & Dragons, or at least the elements I favor at the table. This game resembles pre advanced edition but with some D20 conveniences. As a game in the vein of the old school, prudent and creative problem solving will get a party a lot farther than impressive gear or stats. As a sandbox game there will be no sense of balance or fairness. In truth I (the Dungeon Master) will not even know everything your party will encounter until the game is underway. Therefore exercise extreme caution. Be ready to run rather than fight. Or just be prepared to re-roll. XP is granted for surviving challenging encounters — a PC that survives ten such encounters levels up. Treasure is important, by level five the party should have enough loot to fund their own growing faction. Gaining political power, an army, or even building a fortresses will become end game concerns (by level 7 to 11).

This video explains everything.

Cult of Aois II

Fat and manky orcus